Sunday, January 09, 2011



She is the younger daughter of my nephew Bhaskar. A cute bundle of joy for everyone. Barely six months old but old enough to eat solid food that is rice.

On Friday the 7th of January she had her rice eating ceremony called ANNAPRASAN and the party was in the evening at Sarada Bhavan in Kasba.

Kasba is famous for mosquitoes and sure enough we were not disappointed. The hall was splendidly decorated as befitted the occasion.

Debangi was dressed as a cute doll and her sister Shubangi stole the show by running around in circles.


We spent some excellent time in once again uniting with our close relatives and exchanging pleasantries and New Year wishes. The food was superb and served as buffet. Cafeteria tables were there for those who wished to dine sitting down. I was a wee bit disappointed that many distinguished guests were soiling the table and leaving their plates behind: no consideration for those who will occupy the table next.



I turned sixty last Thursday, the sixth of January. My wife and I decided to make it to Park Hotel in the evening after we had purchased tickets for our journey to USA from Tasha travels.

On the second floor of Park Hotel there is a cosy restaurant SAFFRON. We sat ourselves comfortably and the waiter brought us the menu. I had a beer and for starters we had Prawn Tandoori. The prawns were soft and succulent and we delved deeply into them. This was followed by chicken kebabs, again a connoisseur’s delight.

What to have next? My daughter Ananya was not there to guide us as she is nicely ensconced in New Jersey so we had to fend for ourselves. I wondered what Julius Caesar would have asked for or better still what the epicure Bonaparte should have deemed acceptable; the main course would have been a bit too heavy so we finally opted for Bhetki kebab. No four and twenty blackbirds surely but the bhetki was a fit tribute to our tastebuds.