Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Grandson

Sankar took me to Meadowlands Hospital and Medical Center early morning yesterday and after a quick breakfast at Subway we reached there at about a quarter to eight. Ananya was lying on her bed in LR 4, all wired up with a channel in situ. The fetal ECG showed the heart rate varying from 125 to 150. We were lucky that her obstretician was soon available. Mrs. Alka Gor examined her and recommended a LUSC immediately.

She was wheeled to the operation room soon enough and we sat in her room in expectation. At 8.40am we heard a baby’s loud cry and after a few moments the nurse showed us a bonny boy. The baby was taken to the nursery and weighed:7lbs. Sankar was sent to the ground floor for the registration of the baby. I waited in LR4 and Ananya was wheeled in at about 9.30am. She appeared rather exhausted and recovering from spinal anaesthesia.

When Sankar came back with the papers we left for Poplar Street allowing Ananya to rest.

Monday, March 07, 2011



Come the fourth of March and we do celebrate our daughter Ananya's birthday. This year we had a heavy lunch at home and we had to postpone our dining out.
Next day after touring Princeton, we picked her up from home and headed for the 'Red Lobster' at Secaucus. An exceedingly cosy place where we did not have to wait long to be seated.
The waiter,a Hispanic, was all courtsey and we ordered our favourite dishes; really it was Ananya's choice.

I started with hand tossed caesar salad while my better half had New england Clam chowder soup to commence the rituals.


I chose grilled Maine lobster and shrimp. .
 A wood-grilled split Maine lobster tail, paired with two skewers of garlic-grilled shrimp topped with creamy lobster butter sauce. Served over wild rice pilaf. 19.99


My wife had Rock Island stuffed Tilapia

Fresh tilapia roasted with crab-and-seafood stuffing and topped with langostino lobster meat in a creamy lobster butter sauce. Served with fresh broccoli. 16.99





We had been to Princeton university on the 5th of March. As we all know this is tthe place where Albert Einstein stayed and taught when in USA and also the place where the "beautiful mind" John Nash studied and taught.
We missed the 1115am bus which we were intending to board for a guided tour of the campus but we joined a walking tour. A student took us around and told us the history of the various halls which we were thrilled to hear.