Saturday, April 30, 2005

manmohan singh

Our beloved Prime Minister

Dr Manmohan Singh is our PREMIER. We may search high and low but never are going to find a better man for the august office.

A man of remarkable integrity, profound erudition and impeccable behaviour. The Lantern of Diogenes could not shine upon a worthier person.

Indian politics is a mysterious substance; on the one hand we have worthies who should be behind bars for the security of our polity and on the other hand we have a saint of a Prime Minister.

However a thought often plagues me. Am I to believe that among all the notables in the Lower House [Lok Sabha] there is no one to befit the P.M’s chair? Is the Congress party so destitute of talent? A Prime Minister should come elected by the people; he or she must face the rough and tough of the hustling.

We watched and we watched in utter amazement the non BJP coalition springing a surprise on the nation by hosting Mr. Devegowda and Mr. Gujral to the venerable chair and we were certainly not amused.

Don’t you think it was an insult to the nation?

The Congress Party should have the decency to bring Dr. Singh elected to the Lok Sabha.
Isn’t there any safe seat for the Congress? Can’t a Congress M.P be made to resign and Dr.Singh is asked to contest?

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