Sunday, May 15, 2005

another worthy from bengal

I shall be talking about another Bengal prodigy now. He is none other than
Mr .Subir Guha, Chief Judicial Magistrate , Calcutta City Civil Court and ex- Principal Secretary, Ministry of Law, Government of West Bengal; a legal luminary indeed!

This middle aged individual was married in 1974 that is nearly 31 years ago.
He has two children, a girl aged 29 years and a boy aged 26 years. So far so good!

Now this worthy luminary decides to legalize his marriage, not with his wife of 31 years but with another woman whom he claimed to have married way back in 1995 and who has borne him a son in 1996. In his application to the Registrar of Marriages he claims to have been an unmarried bachelor at that point in time in 1995, A GROSS TRAVESTY OF TRUTH.

Agreed, his marriage in 1974 was not registered, as few marriages then were, but his children do carry his name on their Birth Certificates as the father. In addition, recourse to D.N.A test can always be had to prove or disprove paternity.

The Chief Justice of Calcutta High Court is now seized of this matter and we all hope that proper justice shall prevail in this obnoxious episode.

Little does it matter to us? Suffice it to say that this eminent personality, highly educated, gives a false declaration to the Marriage Registrar to serve his nefarious ends.

I wonder how often he sat in front of a portrait of Mahatma Gandhi while administrating justice. Did he ever suffer a pang of conscience for misrepresenting facts well known to all? What law prevented him from keeping mistresses and concubines in the sly? Why, for heaven’s sake, does he have to deny his grown up children, the offspring of his loin, their legitimate patrimony and heritage?

May 15, 2005

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Amit said...

Sorry, Mr.Choudhury,there is no such ministry called as Ministry of Law in the Government of West Bengal.In fact,a State Government cannot have a Ministry--it can only have a Department under a Minister.The Central Government has Ministries.Mr. Subir Guha was never a Principal Secretary of the Judicial Department.As a matter of fact,that department never had a Principal Secretary.