Friday, September 23, 2005



A beautiful movie which makes you laugh. The story is nothing to write home about; at best it features the predilection of men to cheat on their spouses.

And who do you think is best qualified to attract the emotion and devotion of these men? The femme fatale of all times; the ultimate in men’s desire: it is the scintillating, mesmerizing nymph of the Ocean- BIPASHA. At long last India has a woman carved by the very chisel of Praxiteles and she bewitches the audience from her first appearance in the dance number ‘Pyar ki Gali’.

It’s a hilarious comedy all the way. Salman Khan plays the master philanderer, coaching his less fortunate friends in the ways of the world.
And what a soup they all fall into!

There is never a dull moment in the movie; it is pure and simple entertainment with a capital ‘e’.

The comedy of errors at the hotel in Mauritius was a master ploy, a necessary diversion. The atmosphere gets warmed up there and the story races to a jocular climax.

No, Bipasha does not perform a strip tease as many of her critics believe nor do we lesser mortals catch a glimpse of her lingerie. She acts well though and her physique blends harmoniously with the story to give us
a couple of hours of celestial bliss and forgetfulness. The primal enchantress Circe could not have done better.

Keep it up Bipasha!

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