Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Yes Poldy still loves to eat the inner organ of beasts and fowls which saves him from erectile dysfunction although he still receives plenty of emails from gonorrheal ladies with outlandish names such as Fresh Nelly
Marlene Barnacle not to mention Pussy Galore advocating the use of various penile enhancement techniques although we have not done it ever since Milly had her Catamenes but I have noticed that Poldy gives a sly look when he sees Gerty Macdowell passing by possibly he remembers the time when he had seen her lower drawers and had experienced a certain wetness there and even nowadays he goes walking the length and breadth of Dublin with Stephen Dedalus who is presently the Lecturer in French Letters to the youth of Dublin but men are never to be trusted yes as our bonny Prince Harry was recently caught on camera squeezing the ample breast of a blonde in a night club who knows what mischief they will be upto when their wife’s back is turned but Poldy knows that if I ever find out I will cut off a certain part of his anatomy so that unlike Lord Nelson the one handled adulterer he will become man noman but that is neither here nor there for English bottoms are different from Irish bottoms as any bottompincher bottomkisser bottomgrabber bottomhandler bottomcleaner knows we are devout the way we take care of our bottoms but Stephen could have slept here last night yes no trouble for me for Stephen still has a nice and clean mickey and always takes the care of washing it before going to bed and iam sure his woman will never grow mustache but a woman needs to be cuddled atleast 20 times a day no matter by who as long as she is in love it makes her feel and remain young and I always say yes to Poldy when he comes to me with that thing of his hard and strong but so calm and smooth to touch and play and imiss him but he can stay in millis room as for long noone has slept there and iwill give him his breakfast in bed and he can tell me allabout the history of different nations and poldy dear can again come at blueoclock in the morning without putting his body through the window O and iwish poldy takesme out to the lakes where we can enjoy a nice summer day with the flowers blooming and the swans swimming and the children playing and we can have a delicious boatride and ican show poldy my old drawers and make him salivate but what dress shalli put on O ican remember the time when we first kissed an cuddled and poldy fondled my breasts it was so heavenly not like the time in gibraltar and thalatta thalatta and yes he puthis hands all around me and asked me and isaid yes and ikissed him yes isaid yes

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