Friday, December 14, 2007

Move over Maya, move over Jaya

Take notice both of you ladies. Your days as the Prima Donnas on planet Earth are numbered. An woman more vicious, more vindictive and more cranky than either of you is fast emerging in the third world. In short is indeed a maverick.

Never heard of her have you? She is the first lady of Kenya, her Excellency Lucy Kibaki. Married as she is to the President, Mr. Kibaki, she is used to royal splendour and much pampered upon by one and all. It happened during the national day celebration in Nairobi, the Jamhuri.
The master of ceremonies Mr. Francis Musyimi made a terrible gaffe in the presence of high dignitaries and members of the diplomatic corps. He had introduced the President following which he called out the name the first lady. Instead of addressing her as the First Lady Mama Lucy Kibaki he uttered the First Lady Mama Lucy Wambui. Now it so happens that the President of Kenya is secretly married to Ms. Wambui, which he neither confirms nor denies. Polygamy is quite rampant in Kenya and is a privilege surreptitiously indulged in by the aristocracy.

And what did mama Lucy do? She was instantly on her feet and delivered a thundering slap to Mr. Musyumi. Not for her was any restraint. The whole assembly and the myriad photographers saw what took place. There must have been quite a few chuckles certainly.

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