Saturday, April 05, 2008

Saturday the 5th of April 2008

Like all Saturdays I woke up at 3 ‘o’ clock in the wee hours and readied myself for the morning ritual. I prepared and drank my coffee and went out for a walk. An hour later I was back and opened my E-mail. There wasn’t much and then I read the Times London and the Daily Mail on the net. It was a glorious morning when I finished with the computer, and now I was all set to go and earn my daily bread. After having a quick breakfast I walked up to the Rabindra Sarobar Metro station and boarded the 8.12 train to Dumdum. I always read the Statesman Kolkata in the Metro. As I have the pernicious habit of writing letters to the Editor of the Statesman on any issue that draws my fancy, but mostly in response to something that is already published in the newspaper, I was pleasantly surprised on seeing my letter beaming gracefully under the heading ‘Blasphemy’. Mighty elated did I feel. Sure it did call for a celebration, sort of.

I got down at Belagachia and walked all the way to my hospital. It was 9 ‘o’ clock, bright and fresh, and my colleagues came marching in.
A quick ward round and then I went to the OPD where I commenced teaching the 6th Semester students. They were freshies and I explained them the intricacies of Plaster of Paris. A patient of Colles’ fracture was at hand and I demonstrated the deformities. As is my wont, I did ask them a few questions on general knowledge. I am a firm believer that a student must have all square knowledge and not only the rudiments of the subject that is being presently taught. My question on GK was, which animal is incapable of reproduction to which no answer ensued. The answer was the mule. By quarter passed 11, the ‘clinics’ was over and I entertained the students by telling them a couple of dog stories.

I left at 12.30pm and was home for lunch. My better half had prepared a fish curry and there was mutton kheema from yesterday’s leftover to which the two of us did full justice. Post lunch siesta followed and I had my vesper tea and biscuits nearing 5pm. My wife went out to do a bit of shopping and returned by 7.30 pm.

We went for dinner to Zeeshan at 17 Syed Amir Ali Avenue, Kolkata 700-017. The family room is exclusive and air-conditioned. We started with Mutton Seek Kebab @ Rs.65/- and Chicken Tandoori @Rs.65/-. The kebab was simply brilliant and the succulent tandoori was ambrosia. We relished it to our very bones. Next we had Mutton Rogan Josh @Rs.65/- and Mutton Kadai @Rs.65/- along with one Kabuli Naan @Rs.23/-. I am afraid the Rogan Josh was not quite up to the mark. The meat was underdone. On the other hand Mutton Kadai was delicious and the Naan was superb. I had the lion’s share as usual, as my wife is not a voracious eater. She had a sweet dish, the ‘Firni’ afterwards.

By 9.30 we were back in our home and soon I was in dreamland

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