Monday, March 15, 2010


Last evening we stood the Dases a dinner at Chinatown. You see they had their wedding anniversary last Wednesday and we chose Sunday for the celebration. Big Boss was where we headed. The Dases were accompanied by their daughter and granddaughter. It wasn’t that crowded when we sat ourselves at the first floor family section but believe me it gradually filled up to capacity. The ladies had Sweet Corn soup to begin with while Mr. Das and I had a bottle of Kingfisher premium each. The snacks were Chilli Chicken and Chilli Fish. Mrs. Das doesn’t do chicken and we ordered egg fried rice for her. The rest had Mixed Fried Rice as the main dish with Honey Chicken and Hot Garlic fish. We finished the dishes with Pepper Chilli Prawn. The ladies true to their self had ice creams to end a splendid evening. We were surely full and we headed home after wishing the Dases a very good night.

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Ananya said...

Thanks Dad - for the party as well as the pictures !!