Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Basement at Samilton Calcutta

We had been to the Basement of Samilton Hotel on Lansdowne Road last evening. It is styled as Spice Garden. It was shortly beyond 8 when we stepped inside and made ourselves comfortable on a sofa. Let it be clear that this happens to be a Disco and a favourite watering hole for the younger generation when the revelry starts at about midnight. The light was dim as it aught to be to enhance intimacy!

There was some difficulty in reading the menu but the waiter gave us a torchlight. I ordered whisky 2 pegs at Rs 100/- each while my wife had a mocktail Scarlet Lady at Rs150/-. For snacks we had chilly prawn @Rs. 250/- and Mutton Seek Kebab @Rs, 160/-. The chilly prawn was rather tasteless and the seek kebab could have been better.

The main course we sought was Mutton Vindalo @ Rs.190/- along with Rotis 2 Rs.25/-a piece.

They took ages to serve the main course and we were getting exasperated. Believe it or not a rat was quietly nibbling away at the fallen leftovers and the waiters smiled helplessly. The main course was indeed delightful and we left at about a quarter past 9. No we did not wait for the real action to begin.

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