Tuesday, August 10, 2010


It simply couldn’t have been better. For my wife’s birthday we went to Stadel, a delightful restaurant in the Salt Lake stadium on Monday evening. We chose Heka, a theme centre based on ancient Egypt. The lighting was just right and the décor perfect. Believe me we had real coffins for tables! Not very ghoulish I should say.

For starters she had a charming concoction, Sinful Chocolate. Ancient Egypt had plenty of sin and being sinful was fashionable, but chocolate? South America was still terra incognita. I warmed myself with a Bloody Mary. Sure it was chilling inside.

The grilled Fish was delectable. The boiled vegetables added élan.

For the main course tandoori prawns ruled the roost. They were really jumbo and succulent to. We were filled up to our gullets.

Don’t ask me whether we relived our honeymoon. We surely did.

Many thanks Heka.

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