Friday, February 03, 2012


We had been to the Ivory kitchen at Camac street on the First of this month for a buffet lunch. The ambience was superb and the food was excellent. like all other buffet, there were a variety of dishes to choose from:- tandoori, italian and swiss desserts.

Pobo my grandson is quite a gentleman and his Mom gave him some soup which he relished!
We simply gorged ourselves on Chicken Kebabs and Bhetki fry.

My better half simply loves Dahi-vadas  which she ate to her heart's content. there was hardly any room for the desserts but we were not done yet. Ice-creams, brownies,mousse, langchas and gulabjamuns tarts and many more.
No we do not require a crane to lift us back to our car but we were totally enchanted and satiated!

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