Friday, October 24, 2008

Saturday the 18th October

It was Saturday the 18th of October that my wife and I boarded the Air India flight 151 from Dum Dum departing at 1.15 pm. We reached Heathrow at 8pm local time and the formalities took the better part of an hour. My son in law was there to receive us and we took the bus for Brighton. It was a delightful journey and we made the 70 miles in less than two hours. To Clarendon Villas was a short taxi ride. My younger daughter was there to welcome us though it was well past midnight. Heavily pregnant, she served us, what seemed to be with a minimum of effort, an Indian dinner of rotis and paneer curry. Very soon the jet lag took effect and we had a sound sleep.

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addabaj said...

Travels in Britland sounds and reads good.Though my language is hardly queenly, I am sure the Brits will understand and pronounce it all wrong.How are they coping with the Great Depression?? The stiff upper lip is history--lachrymal outpourings are the latest in vogue!!!!!