Thursday, October 30, 2008


We had been to Sussex University today. First of all we took a number 7 bus to the Dome and then a number 25 bus to the University. We visited the School of Medicine and the Library. We also made liberal use of the toilet at Bramber House. What surprised me was that we had a free entrance into the library which had a versatile collection of books. The ambience was certainly perfect. Students of all nationalities were brousing through the books with avid interest. it was rather tragic to see that some students, mostly women, egressing from the portals and smoking!
The medical school was nothing extraordinary as far as I could understand. I had sought entrance to the Anatomy Department to see the Museum and the Dissection hall. I was told that there is no Museum! I saw that they were working on Genomes and Mast Cells. The doors were obviously shut.
The lawns wore a look of verdant green and it being autumn now, the trees, mostly maple, were covered in gold. two men in uniforms were using an air blower to accumulate the scattered leaves in one place.
On our way back we took a 25C bus to Royal Sussex County Hospital and a further bus number 7 to George Street. My lady feeling hungry helped herself to a Ham Pizza, price £1.80.

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