Sunday, November 02, 2008


We had been to London yesterday the 1st of November. We reached the Victoria station around 9am and went to the loo. We were to pay 30p each to pass through the turnstiles and we did not have any small change. There was a vending machine nearby issuing small change on demand but it was out of order. we rang the bell when a woman janitor came and opened the locked gate and invited all of us in, free of charge. Ladies to the left and gents to the right. In the gents toilet there was another vending machine selling user friendly condoms 'Durex'. How appropriate and how interesting. Is Ambumani Ramadoss listening?

Afterwards we immediately bought 2 tickets for the Big Bus city tour at £24 apiece. we got down at Hyde park, an immense swathe of greenery where we descried some riders in Jodhpurs. Surely an interesting sight. The nude statue of Achilles with a drawn sword and a shield built by Westmacott and is known as the Wellington monument to commemorate the English Victory over Napoleon.We hopped into another Big Bus and got down at Picadilly Circus and I clicked away to my heart's content.

Picadilly Circus

At the centre of the circle or the crossroads is the Shaftesbury Fountain in memory of the great English Philanthrope Earl of Shaftesbury, which is exquisitely carved in bronze still pouring water today for the thirsty passerby and the horse. On top of the Fountain is the naked statue of the boy Eros who has already discharged his shaft which was controversial when the fountain was inaugurated. Mercifully Englishmen are no longer prudish! However it is also called 'the Angel of Christian Charity'.Nearby are the glamourous neon lights of TDK and Sanyo.

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