Wednesday, November 19, 2008


We had been here before on our earlier visit but the weather was gloomy then. I had totally overlooked it. Baker street with the imposing statue of Sherlock Holmes leads straight to
Madam Tussauds. Madam Tussaud's is a well known landmark of London and also occupies a permanent niche in my subconscious having heard it spoken about ever since I can remember. Well the 2 of us made it at about 4pm in the evening when the sun was bidding us goodbye. We had bought the tickets on the net at concessional rates 12.5 pounds instead of 25 pounds each and we were timed to enter not earlier than 5pm so we whiled our time shopping on Baker street and much admiring the Statue of Sherlock Holmes who has a commanding presence on Baker street. At 4.45pm we presented ourselves for entry and the kind ushers after verifying our tickets let us through. Immediately we were in a house of magic worthy of the Arabian Nights with tourists and crazy fans thronging the galleries.
Photo oppotunities lay galore and the trigger happy among us were having a field day. Celebrities of the celluloid universe, sportsmen and politicians from all over ruled the roost. Well known litterateurs and royalty stood upright. We were aghast to see our beloved Indira gandhi presented shabbily.
Winding up and down , I forget which, we entered the fabled Chamber of Horrors. Not for the chicken hearted certainly but an exhibtion to be seen and remembered for a lifetime. Torture chambers, mutilated bodies and ghosts looming in the alcoves gave us the shivers and all made of Wax! Simply unimaginable.
Later there was London Taxi ride where the History of London unfolded slowly. It took us two and half hours to enjoy the spectacle in totality and then we headed back for the Victoria Station to take a train back to Brighton
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